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Two Lab Reports!!!!! Gah, I shouldn’t have put it way until this late. I think I can finish it, it’s just that I keep procrastinating (which is why I’m here (X_X) ) Sigh…. Oh, and I have a lot of Japanese homework as well, but at least that one could be done quite easily…

Thank God class starts at 12pm tomorrow cuz I think I’ll be sleeping quite late today


Well, I guess here I am. Welcome to this little corner of the wild wild world. To say it outright, I am not much of a writer (more of an artist, really, if I say so myself). But these wings are rather tired of floating about the virtual world so I’ve decided that I need a place where I can write down all my thoughts and feelings. I preferred to remain anonymous, but you can call me blue owl.

‘You’ being subjective because I don’t know who will read this blog but me haha. Ah well, I never intended it to be any other way.

Okay, need to go off now. Work is due!

Fare well