I’ve discovered polyvore! It’s actually really quite fun haha. So here below is my first set, a.k.a what I usually wear to uni

Yup, so t-shirt (usually over-sized), shorts and cardigans (the lecture theatre is freezzing! Whatever happened to saving the earth?). Very comfy and very practical. Quite different from how I dressed last year though. Last year was more of trying out new clothes and styles, more feminine I guess. Then something changed (*dun dun dun*) I missed the comfy-factor haha and who says that you can’t look good and feel comfortable? So I’m re-stocking my shirts collection since I’m bored to death of the ones I own (most are at least 2 years old). Threadless is a great place, I love the shirts there! Oh and I want these boots
click pic for link

I love it, it’s so awesome and badass and pseudo steampunk-y (whatever that means). Waiting for it to go on sale though, cuz watashi? Have no money. Nada. Anyhoot, I love the glasses in the first pic, I want something like that. Though the nerdy black-rimmed glasses is slightly cliched now. Who knows? If I can find a nice pair when I go back to Indo I might change my current ones (though I don’t really wanna yet, cuz they are VW :p)

Been going to library everyday to study. Not bad, we’ve got some work done, but I think I’m still adjusting it. Settling in to a nice routine though. I actually really like the sessions cuz at least I feel productive. Tomorrow and Thursday is stats though so I’m getting ready for a thousand headaches -___- lll