Wow, I really haven’t blog for quite some time huh? Mainly it is because I don’t really know what to say. I’ve been feeling restless lately, especially with my hair. I feel like I’m constantly having bad hair days! I wanna try to go for the hair smoothing process, I’m sick of my hair being uncontrollable! I’ll probably go do it tomorrow or Wednesday, hopefully it turns out well!

Last friday was holiday here in Indo so went out with the family for some shopping haha. Went to Sushi Tei for lunch and then me and nana went off to do our own shopping. I bought a bag, a cardigan and a scarf. Didn’t buy clothes cuz I didn’t see anything that I liked. Will probably take pictures later and update this post.

Oh yeah, we went to see Avatar on saturday. Well…one thing you should know about that show is that you shouldn’t watch that movie for the plot (which is super generic), you watch that movie for the special effects (which were really awesome by the way even though at some points it looks as if the director was high on LSD during filming)

Don’t know why I’m feeling this restless…probably sign that shark week is coming soon (at least I hope this is the reason). Anyway, I still feel like doing some shopping so I’ll probably drag my sister to the mall soon πŸ˜€

P.S. Haha, you know Manda, originally I was planning to leave P&P&Z here but since you wanted to borrow it I’ll bring it back ^^