It’s seems like it has been a really long time since I’ve talked about school in this blog haha (which is the good thing :P). My timetable for this semester is finally confirmed, tutorials and all. It’s slightly better than last semester’s but I still have no free day 😦

My classes are interesting so far, I have to read the Bible for one of it! Nothing controversial, but it certainly brings a new perspective. I also have to read Xenophon: Education of Cyrus, Confucius and Machiavelli’s The Prince. Woww…. I’ll probably dedicate an entry just for this class haha. Interesting reads, the books are expensive though but at least I considered them an investment 😛

Japanese 3 is quite difficult, it deals with a lot more grammar and linguistics, but at least I like my sensei 🙂 He’s very funny haha. Oh yeah, that reminded me, I wanted to write an entry in Japanese but have not done so until now!

Ah well, gotta go print my notes now!