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Bio Wordle

So! I discovered this cool new website, Wordle where you can make word clouds! Awesome, right? So me being me, first thing I tried was to create a bio word cloud 😛

Haha yeah, basically I inserted any random biology words that came to my mind, but those are pretty general in my opinion.

Anyway, met with my U.R.O.P.S. prof just now and he gave us lots of advice. Was originally supposed to do the field work at Changi Beach but can’t because of the oil spill, so will probably do it at Pasir Ris Park….Will have to do lots and lots of readings from now on cuz he wants a thorough lit review. Problem is, there are not many research done on Echinoderms of Singapore so yeah….will try my best.

Oh yeah, and another thing…will be going back to Indo from 1 June to 1 August! Can’t wait to be back home!!! 🙂



Hi there *shifty eyes*

Yes yes, I know I have not been updating for a bazillion years even though I’m technically free now since exams ended about two weeks ago…but yeah, I haven’t have the slightest clue about what I should write here?

Anyway, I’m still in Singapore now since I need to prepare for my next semester’s research project. It’s going to be on marine biology 🙂 Oh and I’ll only be going back to Indo on 1st of June.

Been spending my time lazing about in my room, drawing (a lot! I wish I have a good camera so that I can put up pictures here) and reading ( 5 books in these two weeks! Man, I’m on a roll ;P). Also, went to watched Iron Man 2 with Charmaine on Saturday. It was not as good as the first on but still decent. RDJ is still hot and Scarlett was amazing. Oh, and I want Tony’s phone 😛

Okay, then. Will try to post more regularly during the holidays (not a promise though XD)