Hi there *shifty eyes*

Yes yes, I know I have not been updating for a bazillion years even though I’m technically free now since exams ended about two weeks ago…but yeah, I haven’t have the slightest clue about what I should write here?

Anyway, I’m still in Singapore now since I need to prepare for my next semester’s research project. It’s going to be on marine biology 🙂 Oh and I’ll only be going back to Indo on 1st of June.

Been spending my time lazing about in my room, drawing (a lot! I wish I have a good camera so that I can put up pictures here) and reading ( 5 books in these two weeks! Man, I’m on a roll ;P). Also, went to watched Iron Man 2 with Charmaine on Saturday. It was not as good as the first on but still decent. RDJ is still hot and Scarlett was amazing. Oh, and I want Tony’s phone 😛

Okay, then. Will try to post more regularly during the holidays (not a promise though XD)