Okay, so I went on a shopping spree yesterday and surprisingly I bought make-up! Anyone who knows me know that I don’t wear make up 😛 However, lately I’ve been hearing a lot about you know, how as a girl I should know the basics of wearing make-up and I think this is kinda true. I don’t think it is about being a girl, I think it is about making yourself presentable. So I tried it out and it turns out to be quite fun! I think I will have much fun experimenting with it 🙂

So without further ado, these are what I bought yesterday:

Topshop Heart Tights

(not as nice as I thought it would be but I think it will look nice with my boots)

Forever 21 Red Anchor necklace

Make up!

Mac make-up

ZA Foundation

Brushes kit from Watson

Close ups:

Lipstick -Equality (Lustre)

Lipgloss – C-Thru

Eyeshadow РBrul̩ (Left) and Soba (Right)

These are all from the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection. I mostly bought neutral and beige-y colours because I think those are easier to mix and match and I prefer my make up to be natural looking anyway. However, I’m also tempted to try some colours (blue maybe) for my eye-shadow. Haha, but not now, probable in 3 months or so. I just want to get the hang of the basics first!

So here’s my entire make-up collection

Not much compared to others but it’s good enough for now 🙂 Oh and I apologise for the low quality pictures, my phone’s camera sucks.