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Well, that was bad.

I totally couldn’t accomplish anything today. Didn’t even study much and I doubt I could remember what I’ve studied today. It’s so frustrating! I can’t get sick of studying, I still a month left!

If only I wasn’t so stupid in my first year, then I would have put in much more effort in my studies. If only I have done so, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about my CAP now. It’s so infuriating, to realise that you can’t apply for the things you want because your CAP is not good enough and it’s your own bloody fault. The sheer amount of work I need to put in just to pull it up it staggering, and even then I don’t know whether it will be good enough.

You know the feeling of mediocrity? I hate that. I hate it when no matter how much effort you put in you will never be smart/pretty/beautiful/good enough. That someone can just waltz by and do everything you just did with a snap of the fingers. And it will be ten times better than anything you could ever hope for. But that’s the way of life isn’t it. There will always be the bigger fish. Some people are just born to be a star while others…others just hope that someone will notice their shine.


Tick Tock

Wow…I’ve just compiled my schedule and guess what I’ve discovered? For the month of November, I will have and exam/test EVERY F***ING WEEK. *breathe* Oh and that’s not including, essays and lab reports. Ain’t life cheery?

….Which is why, at the moment, I’m at the Sci Library, listening to Mamma Mia

What is the significance of that, I have no idea but it’s just a fun sentence to say (type)

On a happier note, I passed Stats and Japanese! Yay…but I’m below the ave for Japanese -__-

I have about a month before the exam begin so from this week onwards, me and Char are meeting almost everyday to study together. Hopefully it will help me focus, I can’t procrastinate anymore. Plus any semblance of a social life that I have this semester will now be officially extinct.

But honestly speaking, I really do enjoy this sem, even though it is as busy as hell. I am rediscovering the reason I love bio and subjects that I previously find tough (i.e. stats) is now manageable. Although I think my essay writing skill de-prove since I’m not taking any .U.SP module this sem haha.  So while my first year seems to be about making friends and enjoying ‘life’, my second year of university seems to be about learning. It is a rather drastic change, with all the sudden shift in focus but I kind of like it. I feel that I’ve made all the friends I ‘needed’ to make and now I’m focusing on my studies. Well, not really true, since this semester I’ve discovered a lot of wonderful people as well, at least now my social circle is not limited to just US.P. students.

But enough with this. I need to go back to my notes.

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