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I’m sick of the internet. Really, I am. For the past 1 month (!!!), cuz of the exams, the only thing I’ve been doing to entertain myself is the internet. So no going out, nothing. I haven’t been out of my university grounds for at least a month (yeah, perks of being a foreign student who live in school -__-)

So yeah, I’m really sick of the internet. I just want to go out again, feel like I’m part of the society again, eat food that is not from the school canteen. And I really want to go home and be with my parents and sister again (and Mosh, my dog. He’s such a sweet little thing [Manda, don’t argue, he is really cute. Just cuz you don’t like him it doesn’t mean he isn’t]). I miss them so much. Really looking forward to the December break.

Oh exams, won’t you just end already?

P.S: My cousin is getting married today. I’m laughing hysterically cuz my mom is complaining that she have to dress up and stuff when all she wants to do is stay at home and read a book! Ha! One good thing about having exams now, I guess. Me and my mom both dislike attending this kind of events.


2 more to go!

Forensics exam is over! I was a little scared cuz I didn’t study these past few days, but it turns out just fine 

Only left stats and Japanese on Monday… I hope Prof Cook will be nice this time and give us easy questions! Gah, can’t wait for exams to be over 


Oh dear lord.

My brain is dead. It is beyond dead. It went so far past death it is now reincarnating

That’s right people, my brain is reincarnating

Yays! All my reports are done!

Sigh, my exam starts on saturday……GAAAAGH

Okay need to cheer myself up (and anyone who might read this thing)

Poor Merlin…..From Disney’s Sword in the Stone, which was awesome. Another one from the same movie below

Man, can Archimedes laugh or what?!

And I’m addicted to this song

I love that movie, can’t you tell?

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd finally, the ultimate song about no worries *hints* (I think I can still remember the song word-by-word). Epic


This is obviously going to take a long time



Okay, I’ve succumbed (and I’m totally brain dead and I STILL haven’t finish my papers. I obviously suck)

anyway, back to the point. My tumblr account!


Go visit!


Leather and Lace

I’m completely enamoured by this girl for the Sartorialist


There is just something really awesome about her outfit. Combining the soft top with the military feel shoes. The juxtaposition is just too cool for words. I wanna try dressing up like that

This is my take of it….

Leather and Lace

Though I don’t think I have such items in my wardrobes. Ah well. I’m really into shirts now. Why does threadless have such nice shirts???  I’m also sorta wanting to try skirts, like the one below


Isn’t it pretty? Anyhoodle, took a break today and it was great. I guess I really needed it.

But exams are coming so full steam ahead!

*battle song playing *

P.S I’m playing with the image borders, whaddayathink?


Everyone seems to be obsessed about weight. Too skinny too fat…. I wonder where all these came from. When did weight became so closely associated with beauty?

It’s funny you know, from what the media and my family said, I should be dieting my ass off right now. It’s not like I don’t want to, I really do want to lose weight. But sometimes I wonder, what for? To look good in clothes? To be healthy? To be happy? Those reasons just sound a little…bullshit to me. Being thin doesn’t make you look good in clothes, sure it makes it easier for you to look good but trust me, I’ve seen a lot of ‘thin’ people who look horrid. Healthy? It’s not a guarantee. You can be fat and be healthy (Really. I can go on about this but I don’t want to). To be happy? Really? You kidding me right?

Does it make me a hypocrite if I said I really want to lose weight? I still don’t know why I want to do it though, I think mostly because I want to look better. I don’t know whether it would make me healthy, I don’t know whether I would be happier about myself that way. As for being able to wear things and look better in it…possibly. My style is still evolving though. At the moment I’m into the whole casual, basic style. Last year was dressier and trying out crazy stuff. But that’s the fun isn’t it? Always trying out new thing.

I don’t know how long this would last, my discipline is not exactly the best. I know I should not even be thinking about this, it’s nearing the exams after all (Oh God, the EXAMS. Don’t get me started on THAT). I know that once I get back to Indo I want to go gym everyday and really run instead of just brisk walking like I usually do. I don’t know, probably know I can just cut down on food I guess. Eat more veggies, it’s good for the brains (?).

So…wish me..luck?

This is what we do

…when we are studying at school


(Char, your hand! I go tag at FB kay, here cannot tag :P)


(Received the crime scene sticker from forensics class. Happiness ^^)

Also, the reason why I’m spending too much money and gaining weight 😦

WARNING: Studying is not good for your health