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I’m sick of the internet. Really, I am. For the past 1 month (!!!), cuz of the exams, the only thing I’ve been doing to entertain myself is the internet. So no going out, nothing. I haven’t been out of my university grounds for at least a month (yeah, perks of being a foreign student who live in school -__-)

So yeah, I’m really sick of the internet. I just want to go out again, feel like I’m part of the society again, eat food that is not from the school canteen. And I really want to go home and be with my parents and sister again (and Mosh, my dog. He’s such a sweet little thing [Manda, don’t argue, he is really cute. Just cuz you don’t like him it doesn’t mean he isn’t]). I miss them so much. Really looking forward to the December break.

Oh exams, won’t you just end already?

P.S: My cousin is getting married today. I’m laughing hysterically cuz my mom is complaining that she have to dress up and stuff when all she wants to do is stay at home and read a book! Ha! One good thing about having exams now, I guess. Me and my mom both dislike attending this kind of events.



It’s raining! Such a nice weather to sleep in but I still have to complete my ecology report and study microbiology!

I don’t wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Two Lab Reports!!!!! Gah, I shouldn’t have put it way until this late. I think I can finish it, it’s just that I keep procrastinating (which is why I’m here (X_X) ) Sigh…. Oh, and I have a lot of Japanese homework as well, but at least that one could be done quite easily…

Thank God class starts at 12pm tomorrow cuz I think I’ll be sleeping quite late today