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Damn you AJ, why did I have to discover your blog and twt??? It probably sucked out three hours of my study time hahaha…

In other news… CA is tomorrow and I’m thoroughly screwed. In library now but keep procrasinating…

What else is new?



Yup, not asleep yet. My sleep cycle is non-existant.

Went for a meet up with the rest of the family. Apparently we are going to have a family gathering at Pelabuhan Ratu on 2nd Jan. Hopefully it will be fun (I honestly don’t know what to expect) but definitely bringing my iPod Touch (I can’t live without it now….gah, why can’t my dorm room have wifi?! Hmph)

I am crazily thinking of getting a Twitter……I have always thought of it as the ultimate exercise in narcissism, I mean, do you really think people want to know about what you are thinking right now? ‘the coffee taste nice’ O_0 But then again…I don’t know, if I have a twitter I’ll just keep it private (aka not telling anyone the username and not link it anywhere, not even here) and I don’t think I’ll ‘friend’ anyone, I mean, I don’t think any of my close friends tweet (pretty ironic goal for a social networking site).

The reason why I want to get it cuz I think it can be fun. I mean, I get a lot of random thoughts popping by in my head, so I thought it would be fun to record it down. I honestly don’t care if people read it or not, it is not meant to be read by anyone but me anyway. I’ll probably get it on a whim, just like my tumblr account (which I love, it’s my online scrapbook for gorgeous photos). One deciding factor will be the right app (shows how dependent I am on my iPod Touch), didn’t realise there are so many apps. And you have to pay for some (a lot) of them! No way, I’m getting a free one. I just want to jot down random thoughts, is that so hard? I don’t care about those ‘replies’ ,’followers’ or whatever other nonsense they have.

Hmph…who knows. Like I’ve said, if I do get it, it will be on a whim. Not now, if I do it now, knowing me, I’ll just post once a month or something like that




Wow, this is longer than I originally intended. One more song and then I’ll go to sleep. Dad is cooking turkey for tomorrow! Can’t wait 😀