Huh, it’s the end of the year again. This is really cliche but time pass by so fast doesn’t it? 2009… was not an easy year, to say the least. Near nervous breakdown, results, stress. That’s not to say I didn’t have any fun this year 🙂 New friends, new experiences, and learn a lot of new things too!

Okay, here’s listing memorable (both bad and good, in no particular order) from 2009:

  • Para-sailing on 20th birthday!
  • New friends that I really really treasure (you know who you are *hugs*)
  • Learn Japanese (and still continuing)
  • Got an iPod Touch ;P
  • Started to get into fashion and stuff
  • Near nervous breakdown during camp prep and exams (worst time of the year)
  • Didn’t draw much this year so I’m hoping to pick up again next year
  • Forensics class (fun)
  • Received another batch of letters from my beloved students in Yunnan in June

There are much much more but those are the things I could think of right now. I think, for me, 2009 was a year of learning. I learn to let go, to keep my distance, to try new things and meet new people. Cried a lot this year, laughed a lot too, so there’s a balance haha. One of the most important thing I’ve learned in 2009 is, I think, to let go. Made the conscious choice to not be involved in any CCA activities and focus more on my studies. It was a sacrifice that I did not regret making. I think I was really tired physically and mentally from all of those activity that I really feel the need to cleanse myself…..but suffice to say, I think I’ve learned a lot this year and I am very glad and grateful for that

Okay, resolutions! I don’t always follow them (hehe…) but I think it set the tone for the year, so I always love making them:

  • Lose weight!!!! I’ve gained weight during the holidays gah! But yes, I really do want to slim down, it opens up so much more options!
  • Take better care of my body
  • Develop my sense of style (haha)
  • Study/ be more hard-working/score really well in exams
  • Continue learning Japanese
  • Hopefully start learning Russian through Livemocha
  • Read more books
  • Draw, maybe even try using new mediums
  • Learn to master photography
  • Be a better friend/keep in touch with my friends
  • Be content with myself a.k.a just let myself be ME 😀
  • Most importantly, love God with my whole heart and always let Him guide me wherever He wants me to go

To everyone, these moments we’ve shared have been wonderful…[Okay, there are fireworks outside my house now (so pretty…) and it is distracting me so I don’t know how to continue haha]. Thanks for visiting this humble blog, I’m very happy (and puzzled) to see that people are indeed reading this. Thank you and may you be blessed always. To my friends, you are the best! *hugs* Here’s to the wonderful years ahead of us 😀

I think 2010 will be a great year 🙂 So cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!