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Leather and Lace

I’m completely enamoured by this girl for the Sartorialist


There is just something really awesome about her outfit. Combining the soft top with the military feel shoes. The juxtaposition is just too cool for words. I wanna try dressing up like that

This is my take of it….

Leather and Lace

Though I don’t think I have such items in my wardrobes. Ah well. I’m really into shirts now. Why does threadless have such nice shirts???  I’m also sorta wanting to try skirts, like the one below


Isn’t it pretty? Anyhoodle, took a break today and it was great. I guess I really needed it.

But exams are coming so full steam ahead!

*battle song playing *

P.S I’m playing with the image borders, whaddayathink?



I’ve discovered polyvore! It’s actually really quite fun haha. So here below is my first set, a.k.a what I usually wear to uni

Yup, so t-shirt (usually over-sized), shorts and cardigans (the lecture theatre is freezzing! Whatever happened to saving the earth?). Very comfy and very practical. Quite different from how I dressed last year though. Last year was more of trying out new clothes and styles, more feminine I guess. Then something changed (*dun dun dun*) I missed the comfy-factor haha and who says that you can’t look good and feel comfortable? So I’m re-stocking my shirts collection since I’m bored to death of the ones I own (most are at least 2 years old). Threadless is a great place, I love the shirts there! Oh and I want these boots
click pic for link

I love it, it’s so awesome and badass and pseudo steampunk-y (whatever that means). Waiting for it to go on sale though, cuz watashi? Have no money. Nada. Anyhoot, I love the glasses in the first pic, I want something like that. Though the nerdy black-rimmed glasses is slightly cliched now. Who knows? If I can find a nice pair when I go back to Indo I might change my current ones (though I don’t really wanna yet, cuz they are VW :p)

Been going to library everyday to study. Not bad, we’ve got some work done, but I think I’m still adjusting it. Settling in to a nice routine though. I actually really like the sessions cuz at least I feel productive. Tomorrow and Thursday is stats though so I’m getting ready for a thousand headaches -___- lll